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Friday, 21 December 2012 19:24


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My journey started about 3 years ago. We found out we were pregnant and I went into overdrive trying to clean up my diet…no soda, more water, less Chipotle. Well I wasn’t able to give up Chipotle lol, but the fact remains I had a growing baby to take care of in my belly and I wanted to cook the best quality food for my family.

So just like with anything, anything repeated frequently, becomes a habit. We shopped at Giant for the basics, Trader Joes and or Mom’s Organic Market for veggies, produce, milk, etc. the important stuff.

Fast forward 3 years later, we consider ourselves a transitional organic family. Meaning, is everything we buy organic? No not at all. It just means that we strive to eat better, live better, shop better. Until organic foods become the commodity, it will always be more expensive than the status quo of foods that are processed, and saturated with sodium and artificial preservatives.

The food and clothing industry are getting better though. You can find fresh local farm raised chicken at Mom’s Organic Market in Jessup, MD for $1 or 2 extra more than what you find at Giant. Not bad. Last week Christmas shopping for my son, I bought 2 organic long-sleeved shirts from H&M on sale for 2 for $9.00. The industry is changing and getting better for those who want to buy organic but consider organic food or clothing too expensive.

The more we the consumers start to demand better quality foods and clothing without all the chemicals, preservatives and pesticides, the more the food industry will listen and offer more organic vs. the other stuff. We have the Audacity to be Courageous in our convictions, Strong in our beliefs and Happy to be Green™.

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